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You want to register as a hostfamily? 

We offer mainly au pairs from Germany and sometimes from other countries of central Europe

In order to send us the application form please use the link below.

  Please open the following form and fill it completly. Send it with an email, fax or by snailmail.

You can register online!

application form for families in *.doc
(please send by email)

application form for families in *.pdf (please send by email)

Terms and conditions in *.doc

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What happens once we have completed and sent the host family registration form:

  • You will usually receive the requested au pair application form within two working days. If not, please inform us. We might not have received your registration form due to an error during transmission. 

  • You will then be able to contact the applicant whichever way you might prefer: You will receive all contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses. The best and quickest way is still to phone them. 

  • You are then able to make arrangements with the au pair and to come to a mutual agreement. When you accept one of our applicants and the applicant accepts your family as well the contract is perfect. At that stage please inform us accordingly about the decision. 

  • Should the occasion arise that the agency has no suitable au pair for your family at the very time we will send you new profiles of applicants as soon as we have them available.

  • All au-pair services are free of charge for the families until they decide to take on an au pair and the au pair also decides in favour of the family.




Au-Pair Agency Dr. Mona Lietz
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