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What is the au pair program?

The au pair program is a cultural exchange for au pairs from all over the world, both male and female aged between 18 and 27, single, with no dependants who want to improve their level of English whilst living as part of a host family. An au pair must have their own room, full board and the opportunity to practice their language in a family setting and attend a language school if they wish to do so. They should be treated like a family member. Mealtimes should be spent together with the family when possible. The au pair will provide childcare and do light household chores. They will receive an agreed amount (sterling) of pocket money per week. It should be noted that an au pair is not an employee and is therefore, not liable to tax or National Insurance contribution.

What is expected of an au pair?

Au pairs are expected to help with childcare ie. playing with the children, taking them to and collecting them from school, babysitting etc. They will also help with light household chores eg. vacuuming, ironing, washing up and simple cooking.

What can an au pair expect?

An au pair should not be expected to work more than 5.5 days a week and for no more than 30 hours a week. An au pair can expect to have a minimum of 1.5 days off per week plus additional time for their studies etc. An Au Pair can work slightly more hours per week and should be paid accordingly for the extra work. Two evenings per week spent on babysitting is also considered acceptable and families should give their au pair adequate notice.Au pairs should be given time to adjust to any changes which may occur e.g. a new addition, moving house etc. and should be compensated accordingly. An au pair should also be paid overtime at a rate agreed by both parties. An au pair should not be expected to work excessive hours or do heavy household chores.

Pocket Money

The high of the Pocket Money depends from the country where the family lives. There are ever families which pay more than the normal rates.
Great Britain

60 - 90 per week

For pocket money of £60 per week an au pair can expect to do less than 25 per week.
For pocket money of £75 per peek an au pair can expect to do 25/30 hours a week.
For pocket money of £90 per week an au pair can expect to do 30/40 hours a week.
The difference between au pair and mother´s help is fluent and depends not only from the amount of hours of work but also on the responsibility. Some applicants get up to £150 each week.
€ 70/80 to do 25/30 hours a week. 
 € 75 Euro for 25/30 hours a week. 
€ 60/75 for 25/30/35 hours.
€ 60/75 for 25/30/35 hours.
Each Kanton has special rates
€ 260 each month
150 - 250 AUD for 25/35 hours
New Zealand
150/200 NZD for 30 hours


he family will collect or arrange collection for the au pair at an agreed place and time.

Languages Course

Some au pairs wish to enrol in a language course during their stay. These are generally available at your local college or an institute in your area. We advise the family to assist the au pair in finding such a language institution.

Office Contact

For problems or serious illness to both host and au pair, the agency will be available during office hours (9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Mo-Fr, German time)


Au pairs from EEC countries are covered by EC reciprocal health arrangements if they find families in other European countries. Still, we recommend that all applicants take out an additional healthcare insurance in their own country.Families must register the au pair with their local authorities only in some few countries, for example in Switzerland and France. There are no restrictions in Great Britain, Spain, Italy for example.Non EC nationals must register in Europe with the police if they are allowed to stay for longer than six months. This requirement will be stamped in their passport. In order to register, the applicant must take their passport and 2 passport sized photographs together with a letter of invitation from either the family or the agency to the main local police station. A fee is payable.In Great Britain non EC nationals can live up to 2 years as a member of an English speaking family, they are not to stay longer and they should leave on completion of their stay.In Australia and New Zealand applicants from some countries, for example from Germany will get a working holiday visa. This will be applied by help of the Au Pair Agency Dr. Mona Lietz


An au pair provide references (relating to childcare experience) A nice letter to the family introducing him/herself (written in English). A recent medical certificate, 2 passport size photos. Any other information he/she may feel necessary.

application form for families in *.doc (please send by email)

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