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You want to know how long you can stay as aupair respectivley how hong you have to stay as aupair and how long you have to work?

Summery: Times of work are from 25-40 hours a week. It differns much in the different European countries. Aupair Sallery:  from 50,- up to 100,- Euro each month














Aupair in Deutschland Germany
in Engand / Great Britain
in Irland / Ireland
Au-pair in Frankreich / France
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in Portugal / Portugal
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Au-pair in der Schweiz /Switzerland
in Italien /Italy
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aupair: time of stay and work hours



Most au pair positions require a commitment of 9 to 12 months. How long the minimum stay for a country is depends from the wishes of  the families and how interesting a country is for aupairs.

1. Britain and Ireland

Aupairs are very interested in Britain and Ireland. Here families look for aupairs for 10 months up to 2 years. A stay up to two years is legal. If you come from the old European Union countries we can find families when you stay 6 months and longer.

If you are from outside from the European Union you never can get a visa.

Work hours: 25-45 hours. If you work more time families will pay more. Ask the family before how much you have to work and how how high the sallery is.

2. France, Spain

These two countries are the next countries where aupairs are interested to go as an aupair. If you are from the European community please send us your complete application (in English or in the language of the country where you want to go). Minimum stay would be 8 months.

Work hours: 25-35 hours. Sallery 50,- - 70,- Euros each week.

3. Germany 

To be aupair here is absolutely requiered to know basic German (Level A1 minimum). Basic means you must be able to speak with other persons in very simple sentences- a simple communication is necessary. If not you not will get the allowance of the institute of work, which is absolutley necessary to get a work permit.

Because of the visa requirements (it need 8-12 weeks) for aupairs from outside of the European Community families are looking for au-pairs from all European Community Country members for 3 months or longer! Summer positions are also available,  

You will provide a maximum of 30 hours of child care per week. Each family situation is different and you are encouraged to discuss possible schedules with your host family in the beginning. You may occasionally be asked to baby-sit in the evenings, but no more than 3 times per week. You will have at least 1.5 totally free days per week. Normally the aupair situation in Germany is much more well than in English families.

Work hours Germany: 30 hours, 260,- Euro


Sometimes - often families want to work longer, sometimes families pay more but the official rules say what is written above.

4. Italy, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Greece or other coutries of the world

Please ask us about the possibilties before you send your applications. Send an email and  possibly adject only our application form. Then we can see it is possible or not. 

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