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How works the contact between an aupair host family and an aupiar?

Here we offer you some informatins which may help you with the contact to aupair families














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      If you have applied at our agency we will forward your details to families. You will get emails or telephone calls by families which are interested in you.

Donít be afraid to ask too many questions. Host families want to know that you are interested in their family, and are well informed on what life is like as an au-pair. If there is something said that you donít understand, ask the family to repeat themselves, or to rephrase the question. Donít pretend that you have understood them. It is important that you understand all aspects of the phone conversation, or it could lead to problems once you arrive with the family. Be open and honest with the level of your English language skills, or it could lead to serious problems once you arrive at your host familyís home. If you feel that you are caught off guard and are too nervous to speak, ask the family if they would mind calling you back in 15-20 minutes, so that you can just take a few minutes to feel prepared and put your thoughts together. It is important that you are calm and focused during the interview. 


Why have you chosen to become an au-pair?
Have you had any friends that have been au-pairs?
What did you study at school?
What type of job have you recently had?
How many years have you studied English?
What do you enjoy most about working with children?
Do you drive? How often?
Would you accept a family that has pets? Would you be willing to take the dog for walks or feed the dog?
If you are vegetarian, will you cook meat for the children?
Do you smoke? How often?
Have you ever been to England before?
Are you familiar with English culture and family values?
What childcare experience do you have? Have you baby sat for kids or worked in a camp or kindergarten? Have you ever bathed or cooked meals for children? What are the ages of the children you have cared for in the past?
How do you discipline children?
What type of relationship do you have with your family? How do they feel about you coming to England for (placement duration)?
Would you be happy in the host familyís community, it may be isolated, a city, suburb, or rural. What type of area do you currently live in?
What type of household chores are expected of you in your home? Do you have to make dinner, wash the dinner plates, take out the rubbish bags etc?
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? How do you feel about leaving them for 6 months or over. Are they going to want to visit you?
What type of hobbies do you have?
Do you like sports, travel, swimming, the beach, etc?
Do you understand what itís like to spend 25 Ė 42 hours per week with young children? Have you ever cared for a child for an extended period of time?
Do you cook? What type of meal could you cook the children?



Ask about the children, their ages, their friends, what they like to do.
Ask about the climate, and what types of cultural activities are available in the area.
Has the family ever had an au-pair before? If so, have they had an au-pair from your county?
What type of area does the family live in?
What type of activities does the family participate in? Are they active? What does the family do on weekends? Do they like sports, movies, computers, etc?
Why has the family chosen to host an au-pair?
Are there other au-pairs in the area?
What type of clothes should you bring?
What type of jobs do the parents have? Where do the parents work?
What is a typical day like for the family?
What are your typical working hours?
Will you be asked to prepare meals for the kids? What type of food does the family eat? Would the family like you to prepare meals from your country?
Are there specific recipes you can learn to cook before you arrive?
Discuss: driving, weather conditions, how often you will need to drive. Will you be expected to drive the children to school and activities?
How do the children feel about a new au-pair joining the family? Did the family have a good relationship with the last au-pair?

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