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When the aupair application has to be send to the aupair agency Dr. Lietz?

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Aupair application deadline, Dr. Lietz aupair agency



We do not have an aupair application deadline but how fast you can travel to the country where you want to go depends mainly from your country of origin and if an au-pair visa is required or not.  

You can send aupair applications all over the year. We do not have an application deadline. 

There exist 4 types of aupair applicants in according from the country of origin. It is not important where you live. Only of interest aupair is your nationality. 

1. Applicants from the European Union (old countries of the European Union: Austria, Belgium Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and all new countries of the European Union: Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech, Slovenia)

We like it to get applicants from the European community, which want to start soon. A visa is not necessary. You can send the applications all the time and mainly we can find families soon.

2. Applicants from the USA, Canada, Switzerland

Like the states under 1. You can travel at once and a visa is not required.

3. Aupair applicants from Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland

A visa needs about 4 weeks starting from the time you have agreed with a family.

4. Aupair applicants from all other countries of the world.


An aupair visa is absolutely necessary. Depending form the required country where you want to be aupair it needs up to three months after you have agreed with an au-pair family to get the necessary aupair visa. We found out in average it needs 9 weeks after the agreement with an au-pair family.

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